Outlaw Street Car Reunion Brings Radials And Slicks Together

Outlaw Street Car Reunion Brings Radials And Slicks Together

The 2019 racing season is still minty fresh and the action has already been over the top at events across the country. Heads-up racers have another big event circled on their calendars for 2019 at Beech Bend Raceway: the Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI (OSCR).

OSCR promoter Tyler Crossnoe teamed up with Mid-West Pro Mod Series owner Keith Haney to bring Pro Mods to an event that was already overflowing with action. The idea of a marriage between radial tires and slicks at one event isn’t something that’s new, but Crossnoe found a way to make it work at Beech Bend Raceway Park and the results speak for themselves.

“Last year was a big year for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion with the move to Bowling Green, Kentucky along with the combination of big and small tires in one venue. The project was a successful one with the Pro Mods running their series record at the time, a 3.70, along with Radial vs The World (RVW) cars running bottom 3.70s, including a 3.71 by event champion Daniel Pharris and Alepa Racing,” Crossnoe explains.

What makes having all of these cars at one place so special is the intense level of competition it breeds. Not only do you have racers within their class trying to prove they’re the fastest, you also have each class trying to outshine the rest with huge performances. That aspect attracts the big names to the OSCR as they try to put their stamp on heads-up drag racing as one of the best.

“The special part of OSCR is that you can truly promote it as the baddest doorslammers in the world because of having Pro Mod and Radial vs The World. I know for 2019 that we have multiple world record holders coming for both categories and the potential of more records is very possible,” Crossnoe says.

With an event that already features three-second runs at over 200 mph for several classes, you would think raising the bar would be difficult at the OSCR, however, Crossnoe has some tricks up his sleeve for the 2019 event. To push racers for even more of a show, Crossnoe is bringing a pair of races within the race to the OSCR that are going to hand out some nice bonus money and bragging rights to the racers.

“For 2019, we have enhanced our experience for Friday night with two shootouts after qualifying. The Hoosier Tire East vs. West Pro Mod Team Challenge will effectively put Mid-West Pro Mod Series racers alongside some of the PDRA’s finest, with a collective $10,000 prize on the line. Radial vs. The World will close the night with the Racecraft Home Run Derby presented by Pro Line Racing and Carmack Engineering with $2,500 on the line and a custom billet third member for the quickest run of the round to close the night out on Friday night,” Crossnoe explains.

If you want to see radial tire racing and Pro Mod racing in one place then you’ll want to check out the Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI at Beech Bend Raceway April 10-13. SpeedVideo will have all the action RIGHT HERE live when racing begins. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor COMP Cams along with Edelbrock, Classic Instruments, Atomizer Racing Injectors, ProCharger, SCT, LME, Race Winning Brands, and Howards Cams.

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