The Minion Reset the Stick Shift World Record

The Minion Reset the Stick Shift World Record

Just three short months ago, we gave you the lowdown on Yandro Ulloa’s mean 7-second Mustang Cobra, dubbed “The Minion.” You can read all about the bad beast right here, but if you haven’t been keeping your eyes peeled, you might have missed The Minion’s recent record-breaking pass.

Prior to heading to the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Florida early in March, Ulloa cranked out an incredible 7.674 at 184.35 mph at That Racing Channel Street Kings at Palm Beach International Raceway. The pass topped Ulloa’s previous best of 7.92 at 180 mph by a long shot. While a 7.67 pass makes for an insane time slip on its own, it’s even crazier when you take into account that The Minion is a 6-speed manual STREET CAR. According to the owner, this pass also makes The Minion the “Fastest Manual Transmission Mustang” in the world. In fact, this is the fastest known pass with an H-pattern shifter of any make or model (yes, even faster than Cleetus).

“The car started out with a set of long-tube headers and a 75-shot of nitrous for some street fun after I got it,” Ulloa explained. “I switched to a Vortech blower and E85 and that’s when things started to get crazy. My first pass in the car was a 10-second 1/4-mile run. After that, I went on to the ON3 Performance turbo kit and the car made over 1,200 horsepower. Things just got faster and more fun from there.”

Currently, the Cobra is powered by a Levin Motorsports-built 281 cubic-inch engine featuring the original Ford block. A custom forged rotating assembly and a pair of twin 6870 turbochargers from Precision Turbo were thoughtfully chosen and installed. The combination is controlled by an AEM Infinity system and has been tuned by Levin Motorsports to operate flawlessly.

And as for the transmission? The 7-second time slips come courtesy of some serious gear-rowing skills on The Minions Tremec Magnum T-56, which has been worked over by RPM Transmissions. A “top secret” clutch from Black Magic Clutches completes the system.

Ulloa and The Minion haven’t stopped to rest after his latest accomplishment though. Ulloa entered in four classes (yes, you read that right) at the Spring Break Shootout and went on to win two of them, before taking a Stick Shift Elite championship at TX2K19 in Texas just a couple of weeks later. We’re excited to see what Ulloa pulls out of his hat next.

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