The Strange S60 Helps Put The Power Down

The Strange S60 Helps Put The Power Down

Understanding that horsepower is going to find the weakest link in your vehicle to break is the first step in making your ride more reliable and the rearend is a good place to start. Strange Engineering developed their S60 rearend to be the next step in a Dana 60’s evolution and to be a strong bolt-in replacement for many applications.

The Dana 60 rearend is different from the Ford 9-inch since it’s based on a Salisbury-style rear axle and is accessed from the rear of the housing. These rearends use an ultra-strong 9-3/4-inch ring gear so they can take a beating and are perfect for drag racing. Strange took the Dana 60 to a new level with their S60 by making key improvements to the design and structure of the rearend.

To make sure the S60 can deal with the rigors of high-horsepower combinations Strange reinforced the case in key areas to address weak points. Inside the 3-inch x .250-inch seamless DOM mild-steel tubes you can fit a 35- to 40-spline axle. The case gets a nice massage inside from a CNC machine to make sure all the holes are correct and various faces of the case are smooth.

Strange wanted to make its S60 was easier to service so there were changes made internally. The case uses adjuster nuts to eliminate the need for any type of bearing shims. A case spreader isn’t required either to work on the S60.

Check out this video from Strange where you can learn more about the S60 rearend and how it’s made.

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