Vortech X275 Racers Have Strong Showing At Sweet 16 2.0

Vortech X275 Racers Have Strong Showing At Sweet 16 2.0

The Sweet 16 2.0 was inarguably one of the best racing events in terms of sheer performance that has ever been witnessed in drag racing. There were multiple records set and then reset in the X275 class, and just to make the field of 16 was a gold-star accomplishment for any racer. Vortech Superchargers had several racers in the field using their blowers and they had an outstanding showing at the most insane X275 race ever contested.

With almost 90 X275 cars on the property at South Georgia Motorsports Park and every heavy-hitter in the category vying to make the field racers knew they had their work cut out for them. The bump spot to get into the X275 field was a brutal 4.34 and that left a lot of fast cars on the outside looking in. There were several Vortech racers that were able to crack the field and do well on raceday, though.

Colorado racer Brian Brooks came to the Sweet 16 2.0 and put the X275 class on notice by qualifying fifth in his Mustang. To power his car, Brooks uses an LS-based engine that sports a Noonan billet block with Allpro heads built by Atlas Performance. The boost provided by the V-30 102A Vortech blower pushed Brooks to an impressive 4.286-second pass at over 163 mph in qualifying.

Craig Walls isn’t a name that you hear a lot these days in X275 racing due to his limited schedule, but when he does come out he makes a big impact. Walls brought out his gorgeous Fox Body Mustang to the Sweet 16 and proceeded to smash his way through the field all the way to the final round. The V-30 102A blower provides enough boost to his 427 cubic-inch Ford engine to produce some amazing sub-1.00 60-foot times.

Go check out the Vortech Superchargers website right here to keep up with their racers in 2019 and see what forced induction solutions they have for your application.

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