Air Flow Research Introduces New Aluminum Intake Manifolds

Air Flow Research Introduces New Aluminum Intake Manifolds

Intakes and cylinder heads go together like horsepower and torque, which is also what they are critical in helping to produce. Having a set of heads and an intake that work together makes creating power easier, but it can be a challenge to select the right intake with all the options on the market. Air Flow Research (AFR) wants to help big-block and small-block owner’s lives easier with their new aluminum intakes.

After examining what customers with AFR heads were looking for in an intake, a plan was laid out to create a product that would fit the customer’s needs. Tim Torrecarion from AFR explains how their intakes will help users get the maximum amount of performance from their engine.

“There are a few things we looked at when designing each manifold; plenum shape and volume, runner length and equal distribution of the air charge to each cylinder. Our goal was to optimize the overall runner design to allow for maximum power production, supplying the motor with a clean undisturbed stream of fast moving air.”

Bringing a line of aluminum intakes to the AFR family of products made sense for the company since it’s something customers have been asking for. Usually after a set of heads is purchased from AFR, the customer is looking for advice on an induction system, so having their own to offer makes parts selection easier.

“The first pieces to be released will be for our Eliminator SBC line with two different single plane options, followed by a dual plane. Next to follow with be intakes for our Renegade SBF line and finally pieces for our Magnum 24-degree BBC heads. We plan to offer two versions of each manifold: an as-cast piece and one with port-matching to optimize the intake path from the manifold to cylinder head, which should be good for 10-15 additional horsepower,” Torrecarion says.

If you need an intake to go with your AFR heads or want something to help your current heads breathe better, check out AFR’s website right here.

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