Get A Grip With S&W Race Cars New Dragster Steering Wheel

Get A Grip With S&W Race Cars New Dragster Steering Wheel

Being comfortable in a racecar goes beyond how the rollcage is laid out or where you sit in the vehicle — the steering wheel plays a big role, too. Having a good steering wheel will provide a racer with an accurate feel of what the car is doing on the track, and has all the necessary controls where they need to be.

A steering wheel could be the most straight-forward and simple-looking part in a racecar, but it also needs to have some thought put into its selection. Dragsters don’t have a lot of real estate inside the cockpit so you need to have a steering wheel with plenty of functionality to add required equipment to.

S&W Race Cars provides a multitude of products you can use to build and maintain a racecar, one of these are their dragster steering wheels. Michael Weney from S&W explains why you need to have a high-quality steering wheel in your dragster.

“First and foremost, every racing steering wheel has to be safe and trustworthy. It must adapt to steering couplers/disconnects properly, fit comfortably inside the cockpit and in the driver’s hands with good ergonomics. In addition, it must consistently provide accurate information/input to the driver, and respond equally as well to the driver inputs that they are feeding to the car.”

Before you pull out the credit card to purchase a steering wheel you should do a little bit of research into what it’s made of and how it’s made. Each of these areas are important to how the steering wheel will ultimately perform and how it will stand up to the abusive racing environment. Part of what S&W does with their dragster steering wheels makes sure the best possible materials are used and a good process is in place to create these wheels to avoid quality issues.

“S&W-made steering wheels are waterjet-cut from aircraft quality aluminum. This durable material maintains its structural integrity throughout the secondary fabrication and finishing processes including but not limited to: hole drilling for wheel mounts and button mounts, bending/forming, and polishing. All S&W steering wheels are made in-house, from raw material to packaged product, which allows us to maintain strict quality control standards throughout the entire process. Our traditional butterfly wheel and the 1-inch deep butterfly-style wheel include anodized billet aluminum grips that come in four different colors, hardware, and a highly-polished wheel surface,” Weney explains.

The Competition Steering Wheel is the newest addition to the S&W family that’s a butterfly-style steering wheel designed to be reasonably priced. This steering wheel is packed full of features and quality that a racer at any level can appreciate.

“The new wheel is an economical alternative to our traditional butterfly wheel. The base wheel is the same as our traditional butterfly-style in every way, except for the finish. We decided to give them a tumbled finish, which eliminated the time-consuming and costly polishing process. We were also able to reduce costs, reduce weight, add color choices and provide real estate for team/corporate branding by using our 3D printer. The tough and rugged grips are also grown in-house and are offered in five standard 3D grip color choices, but optional custom colors are endless. Additional grip colors can be purchased separately to match the new team theme or sponsor branding. Also, for an additional setup fee, we can replace the S&W branding with a personal name, car name, business name or sponsor logo,” Weney says.

Check out the new Competition Steering Wheel along with all the other products S&W Race Cars has to offer right here on their website.

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