Heads Up! Crazy Nostalgia Funny Car Crash During A Burnout

Heads Up! Crazy Nostalgia Funny Car Crash During A Burnout

Nostalgia Funny Cars are a fan-favorite for many reasons, from their old school looks to their unpredictable nature, and they always put on a show. These wild, nitro-guzzling monsters present a challenge to drivers and things can get ugly quickly even for the best wheelmen. Ronald Ooms experienced a scary crash during the Funny Car Chaos event last weekend at Mo-Kan Dragway when his car struck the starting line divider during a burnout.

The Funny Car Chaos series brings some of the coolest fire-breathing Nostalgia Funny Cars you’ll see in one place to tracks across the Midwest. These cars are period-correct and still lay down some pretty quick times in competition. Racers are encouraged by the series to do dry-hops, have back-up girls, lay down big smoky burnouts, and bring the fun to these events.

Ooms is a seasoned racer and his Streaker’s Ride Camaro is one of the sharpest Nostalgia Funny Cars you’re going to see at a Funny Car Chaos race. During what looked like a fairly typical burnout, Ooms’ Camaro made an unexpected move to the right and then hooked hard, sliding sideways towards the Christmas tree. The car ended up making a hard impact on the driver’s side on the V-boards that protect the tree from visitors. Even though the impact didn’t look that significant, it did some serious damage to the car and to Ooms, as well. The chassis, transmission, and body all were torn up in the crash, and Ooms suffered multiple fractures to his leg and ankle.

Urban Hillbilly Videos had a front row seat for this crash and the video shows just how quickly things got out of hand for Ooms. We here at Dragzine wish Ronald a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the track soon.

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