Honey Badger Rocks An 8.2 Liter Whipple Supercharger

Honey Badger Rocks An 8.2 Liter Whipple Supercharger

Running out of horsepower is just not an option for drag racers, the more you have on tap the more you’re going to try to use even if it’s not physically possible. No prep and Drag Week racer Carl Scott drives this point home with his 1966 Nova known as the “Honey Badger”. His Chevy II has a big block, a big blower, and it makes REALLY big horsepower.

Scott has been drag racing for many years and he was the first ever winner of Drag Week when the event began. These days you can find Scott driving his Honey Badger Nova on the streets and in the Outlaw True Street class at different no prep events. The Honey Badger may have changed combinations from nitrous to a blower, but Scott definitely didn’t make the car tame when he made the switch.

The new engine in the Nova is a 632 cubic-inch Chevy built by Scott’s brother Troy Scott who owns Troy Scott Engines. On top of the big block is the biggest blower Whipple Superchargers makes for the street, a monster unit that measures an insane 8.3 liters. Using all the power is not a problem for Scott considering the Honey Badger is nearly all steel and weighs a hefty 3,200 pounds.

1320 Video was at the track when Scott brought the Honey Badger out for its first outing with the new engine and blower. Things didn’t go as planned for Scott in the beginning as the blower ate a bearing in the blower snout on the first run. After borrowing a friend’s blower, Scott and his team thrashed all night to get the Honey Badger back into fighting shape. The hard work paid off as Scott was able to win the event.

Photos courtesy of Red’s Drag Racing Photos.

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