Induction Solutions New Holy Moly Nitrous Plate Provides Big Power

Induction Solutions New Holy Moly Nitrous Plate Provides Big Power

Going class racing when there are strict rules in place limiting power-adders will force racers and parts manufacturers to turn up their efforts. Texas275 is a form of limited X275 racing where you can only run certain types of power adders, and for nitrous racers you can only use a conventional-style nitrous plate. Roy Kees and his team have found success with the new Induction Solutions Holy Moly plate in the Texas275 ranks with a win in only their second event using it.

Roy Kees and his team of Marcus Westcott, Ben Curry, and Chuck Clague campaign a 1969 Nova in the Texas275 class. The car is powered by a 582 cubic-inch NRC-built engine and is backed by a powerglide transmission with a Protorque torque converter.

For this season the team made the switch to an Induction Solutions Holy Moly unit and so far according to co-tuner Marcus Westcott the car has seen some big improvements in performance.

“The new plate has lowered 330 times for the car from 3.15 to 3.03 with the same jetting and less tune-up than we ran before. We’re still not up to the same amount of nitrous pressure we ran with previous plates to run this fast. We’ve also improved our personal best time by .03 hundredths already. We’re still trying to figure this out, but the car is already going faster with more room to go quicker in the 60 foot.”

A plate like the Holy Moly requires a racer to be very precise with their tune-up without having as many tools to adjust variables like a fogger nitrous system. Since Induction Solutions improved how the Holy Moly delivers its payload, Kees can be more precise with how his NRC engine makes power versus previous plate-basted nitrous systems.

“You have to tune a plate kit via individual cylinder timing because you can’t tune with fuel on each cylinder like you can with a fogger. You can’t add fuel to another cylinder, so all you can do with timing is adjust it by a few degrees on each cylinder. With this plate you can make more power without stressing the engine and have a bigger tuning window,” Kees explains.

Previously, the Nova was running in the 4.70s on a regular basis but making the switch to the new plate netted a new best elapsed time of 4.67 without any other changes. The Holy Moly is a totally new design from the ground up. Steve Johnson and the Inductions Solutions team did their homework in trying to develop a conventional-style plate that allows users to see more performance without having to get too aggressive with a nitrous tune-up.

“We haven’t got close to what this plate is capable of yet. It is just a better overall versus the old plate we were using. The atomization of fuel per cylinder is better and I’m seeing that when I read the plugs. I’m not having to pull as much timing out of the cylinders as I used to. Going from the old plate to the new one we’re able to run less timing and get more performance out of it,” Kees says.

Getting an entirely new product to work right out of the box this well is a testament to the research put in by Induction Solutions. What has made the transition to the new Holy Moly so easy for Kees and his team is the top-tier support provided by Induction Solutions in the field.

“We’ve been working with Steve and the guys at Induction Solutions for years with our program so we knew they would be there for us. They have great tech support with their products and are always willing to help. You can call Steve just about any time when you’re at the track and he’s willing to help you out,” Kees says.

Check out the Induction Solutions website right here to see all of their nitrous-related solutions.

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