Mark Fields’ Boosted 2016 F-150

Mark Fields' Boosted 2016 F-150

If you’re looking for a vehicle that has a lot of utility, a truck can be your best bet. Trucks provide a way to haul items home from the home improvement store and be a savior for those friends who need help moving, but if you’re Mark Fields, a truck is a way to have some fun at the track. Mark’s 2016 F-150 has plenty of boost on tap to make 9-second passes or haul a load of mulch when needed.

Mark has always enjoyed racing anything he had access to, starting with his Hot Wheels when he was young. As Mark got older he started to enjoy the adrenaline rush that racing provided and he did his best to go as fast as he could based on what he could afford at the time.

“I’ve always had a heavy foot and been hard on equipment since I was young. The first time I ever went to the track was on a motorcycle in the late 90s and it’s been all downhill since then. I’ve owned multiple Mustangs, a couple of Buick Grand Nationals, one Camaro and now this truck, along with a wicked turbo Mustang that has a Coyote engine under the hood,” Mark explains.

After driving his truck about 3,000 miles, Mark pulled the engine out and sent it to Tim Eichhorn at MPR Engines to kick the build off. The goal was an engine package that could support close to 1,550 boosted horsepower without any issues. MPR got to work internally balancing the crank, adding Diamond Pistons, and Manley H-beam connecting rods. A set of Ferrea exhaust valves and MPR springs were added to the heads after they received a multi-angle valve job. MPR also added their billet oil pump gear and lower timing gear for reliability, while everything in the engine was secured with ARP hardware.

Boost comes from a stainless steel kit from EDP that features a pair of Precision Turbo 64/66 snails, 40mm JGS wastegates and JGS BOVs. A Circle D transmission and torque converter apply the power to a custom fab-9 rearend built by Tydo Race Cars. Everything is controlled by the stock ECU and SCT software that’s tuned by Ken Osborn from OZ Tuning. This combination has pushed the truck to a best pass of 9.88 at almost 140 mph.

Building a twin-turbo F-150 hasn’t been the easiest of tasks for Mark since there aren’t any off-the-shelf parts for this type of project that weights over 4,600 pounds.

“They don’t make a brake kit for these trucks and you can’t fit a 15-inch wheel on it. I want the best 60-foot times possible so I looked to Tydo to build me a fab-9 rearend that would work with the speedometer and ABS system. After the rearend issue was solved I broke a couple of driveshafts along the way. I got with PST shafts and they built me a two-piece driveshaft that’s working nicely. I also had to have Tydo come down and fabricate a place to bolt a carrier bearing support since it was originally a one-piece driveshaft,” Mark says.

Taking something that isn’t meant to be a high-performance vehicle and forcing it into that category isn’t something that many would attempt. For Mark, the project totally made sense and checked a lot of boxes for his needs.

“I’m a fairly larger guy and these new Ford trucks have lots of room and are comfortable to drive so it made sense to use it for the build. The new Coyote motor is a killer engine platform with boost and is very street-friendly, and it came in the truck. I was always a Ford Lightning fan and never could afford one, so I built the new version with this truck. I need a truck often for hauling stuff for work or home, so that sealed the deal on making this truck a reality,” Mark explains.

Mark has worked hard at getting his truck to its current level of running in the 9-second zone. Getting the truck to this point has been a collaborative effort that started with the support of his immediate family and nephew, Austin Fields, who assisted throughout the build.

“I want to thank Ken Osborn at Oz Tuning for helping get this beast dialed in and his long hours answering my crazy questions. Tydo Race Cars for his help on the rearend, fuel system and wiring. Jason Englert with Englert’s Paint and Body for his custom paint. I also want to thank Mark McCoy at M&M Audio for his wiring and stereo skills…he’s helped out on multiple occasions,” Mark says.

Trucks aren’t usually the first choice for many people to convert into high-horsepower monsters destined for the racetrack, but Mark Fields has proven that doesn’t have to be the case. Mark’s F-150 is a great mixture of truck utility and hot rodding spirit that has produced a wild ride. Don’t judge every truck by how it looks at the stop light, the owner could be Mark Fields and he’s ready to put a hurting on anybody who lines up against his truck…

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