Organize Your RacePak Connections With Chassis Engineering Clamps

Organize Your RacePak Connections With Chassis Engineering Clamps

Racers love new gadgets to play with that will help them find different ways to go quicker, be more efficient, or simply make their car more visually appealing. If you have a Racepak system in your car it can have all kinds of sensors plugged into it so that data can flow, but that will lead to more wiring and possibly a mess. Chassis Engineering has developed a clever and simple system to solve your wiring issues and make your Racepak more manageable with its sensor clamps and SD card holder.

Any of Racepak’s data acquisition systems are perfect for a racer who is trying to learn more about what their car likes. With so many different sensors that can be added to the mix, you can manage and monitor every vital system on the car. The sensors are piggy-backed, usually under the dash or on the firewall, but without a dedicated mount, racers are often utilizing any number of zip-ties to fasten them to the car. Not only is this inefficient, but it doesn’t look all that great, either.

Where Chassis Engineering can help is with its middle clamp for the RacePak module. These are specially-designed mounts that are perfect for the organization of Racepak connectors inside your car. The middle clamps need a start cap and end cap to work with the system. To make everything function you need just one less number of middle clamps than the total number of connections. So, if you have a total of four module connections, you will need a start clamp and end clamp, and three middle clamps.

Another great Racepak accessory to have that Chassis Engineering has created is its SD Card Holder. In the rush to get ready to race it can be easy to forget to put your SD card back in the Racepak before you head to the lanes. The Chassis Engineering SD Card Holder allows you to keep a spare in the car so you can put it in your Racepak if your primary card was left at the trailer.

You can check out more about the clamps here, and the SD Card Holder here, on the Chassis Engineering website.

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