Precision Turbo Looks In The Mirror In The Quest For Better Turbos

Precision Turbo Looks In The Mirror In The Quest For Better Turbos

Twin-turbocharging is far more common currently than it ever has been before. Individual markets across the industry are realizing the benefits of using two turbochargers to halve the work required to achieve not only the ultimate power goal, but also providing full boost early in the RPM range, along with great transient response.

With the popularity of cramming two turbos under the hood of street cars, has come some issues – mainly packaging concerns. Doubling the plumbing for a power adder, within sometimes extremely restrictive engine bays make, can make for a headache that can cause some to reconsider the double-hairdryer route altogether.

However, Precision Turbo, a leader in competition turbochargers for a number of years, has recently announced a cure for twin-turbo street cars – expanding its mirror-image turbocharger lineup to their most popular PT6266 and PT6466 models. By offering turbochargers in both standard and reverse rotation models, not only are packaging options for single-turbo kits increased, but twin-turbo kits can now be built using mirror-image Precision turbos, with a reduced packaging footprint an a much more symmetrical design.

Joining the PT7675 mirror image turbos from Precision, released earlier in the year, are the 62mm PT6266 and 64mm PT6466 mirror image turbos. The reverse-rotation units will allow for tighter packaging in modern engine bays, along with more aesthetically pleasing twin-turbo kit designs.

The Mirror Image GEN2 PT6266 and 6466 both feature an air-cooled dual ceramic ball-bearing rotating assembly and Precision’s latest cast-in slot-ported shroud compressor covers. Featuring a 4.0-inch inlet and 2.5-inch outlet, the compressor housing is designed to be as compact as possible to help with packaging constraints. All of the turbochargers feature an investment-cast 310 Stainless Steel turbine housing for years of service.

Both models of mirror-image turbochargers feature Precision’s latest-generation Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) compressor wheels for the most possible airflow with a given compressor size. With this release, there are eight part numbers being added to Precision’s Mirror Image lineup; PT6266 and PT6466 turbos, with either a 0.82 A/R or 1.05 A/R, in standard and reverse rotation.

According to Precision, each 62mm turbo is capable of supporting 800 horsepower, while the 64mm variants are capable of 900 horsepower. Adding in the second turbo, and these turbos are capable of supporting up to 1,800 horsepower, and beyond, in a more compact, and easier-to-plumb package.

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