RC Components Adds Chrome Option To Drag Race And Street Wheels

RC Components Adds Chrome Option To Drag Race And Street Wheels

Bowling Green, Kentucky’s RC Components produces one the finest-looking — not to mention well-engineered — wheels on the racing and street/strip. Since the highly-touted motorcycle wheel manufacturer expanded its business into the racing landscape, its wheels have become one of the most sought-after in the game, thanks in parts to their cutting edge designs and striking combination of polished and anodized aluminum. So how do you make a real wheel look even better?

You chrome them.

Earlier this year, RC began offering chrome finishes on its Comp Series drag race wheels and Street Fighter street/strip hoops. As RC’s Chris Cross shares, the company was already performing in-house chrome plating to its motorcycle wheels, so it was only natural they utilized the same processes for its automotive wheels to afford customers yet another appearance option.


According to Cross, various options exist: the entire fronts are chromed, but the rears can have either the billet aluminum center, the wheel shell, or both, chromed to create a matching or contrasting look. “You can, for instance, do the black anodized center and the chromed outer hoop, which gives it a really nice look, or if you can go completely chrome front and back.”

“The chroming is pretty unique to the racing industry, as not many manufacturers are offering that. We just run the car wheels through our in-house chrome eating process and it gives a different look to the wheels that are out there.”

RC offers six different drag race front wheel designs ranging from 15×3.5 to 17×4.5, and four rear designs, in both beadlock and non-beadlock, from 15×8 up to 16×16. Six different Street Fighter options are available, each in an anodized and polished option, at 15×10 dimension with varying offset options. There’s also a 17×2.25 spindle-mount dragster front wheel.

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