Richard Freeman isn’t one to mince words and didn’t start when it came to describing his first runs behind the wheel of his new Pro Stock Mustang.

“Well, the first three runs wasn’t worth a f***,” Freeman said without hesitation.

Freeman will make his return to driving when he competes in Pro Stock during the NHRA Route 66 Nationals outside of Chicago. This weekend’s race will be his first time back behind the wheel since racing in Topeka, last May.

Freeman was making some test laps today at Osage Casino Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma before headed to Chicago.

“We got her straightened out, and made some runs right down there,” Freeman said. “I’ve wanted to come back out there and race for a little while, just make some runs and have my own car. I’m excited, but I’m sure there will be someone who will want to get in this seat and I will be back out again. That’s okay, it’s business.”

It’s the nature of the beast, as Freeman understands, an aspect he’s trained himself to accept over the years.

“We need competitors out here who can do this full-time,” Freeman explained. “If I can provide that opportunity, then I’m fine with that.”

Freeman will be a lone wolf of sorts this weekend, piloting a new Mustang from RJ Race Cars in a sea of Camaro.

“I think it’s going to be really cool,” Freeman said. “This car is absolutely beautiful. It’s painted like everything else I have right now. It’s a swoopy car.”

Freeman, who last drove a Camaro, said it wasn’t hard to notice the differences immediately from a driver’s standpoint.

“First off, getting my big a** in that thing,” Freeman said with a chuckle. “The A-pillar is laid way back. Therefore the chassis is much lower. It’s difficult for me to get in and out of it being as big as I am.

“I will say this; if we can get this car to working as well as the Camaro stuff I have Erica and Jeggie driving, it wouldn’t surprise me for it to be a little faster because of aerodynamics.”

Freeman said there’s a slight chance the Mustang might run the NHRA’s Western Swing.





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