Steve Bezzina’s Twin-Turbo Leaf Spring Ford Falcon

Steve Bezzina's Twin-Turbo Leaf Spring Ford Falcon

Having a car with a certain look or style is just how some racers like to build their cars and that will never change for them. Australian racer Steve Bezzina has been a fan of the Ford Falcon, an iconic car in his native land that has been hot rodded and raced virtually every way you can imagine. Steve’s current 1970 Falcon XW is the ultimate version of this car, running in the 6.80s on leaf springs.

The Australian Ford Falcon has a rich history dating back to the 1970s as a performance car that has allowed it to build a large fan base. When the Falcon hit the road it became one of the world’s fastest four-door production cars and that was a huge draw for the vehicle in Australia. Everyone knew someone that had one and that built an attachment to the car for people like Bezzina.

Bezzina has owned over 40 different versions of the Ford Falcon over his 25 years of racing. One of the requirements that he has is that his Falcons must stay true to form, meaning no tube chassis or back-halved cars. Steve’s Falcons retain the factory look and shape while having as much performance packed between the bumpers as possible.

The current Falcon Steve pilots has been worked on by the team at ProFab Motorsports Fabrication. Keeping up with his style, ProFab built a roll cage that is tied to the stock Falcon chassis so that it’s nice and safe for 6-second passes. In the rear, the factory leaf spring location remains the same, however, a set of ProFab 5-degree sliders and traction bars have been added to the split mono leaf setup. A ProFab full floater fab-9 rearend works with a set of Menscer Motorsports shocks to keep the power planted. Up front, a custom K-member was fabricated to allow for a conversion to a strut-style front end where another set of Menscer Motorsports dampeners reside.

ProFab also artfully shoehorned a Pro Line 481X mill between the fenders of the Falcon. The exhaust is routed from the engine to a pair of Precision Turbo & Engine GEN 1 Pro Mod 88mm turbos so boost can be created. ProFab built the stainless steel turbo system that pipes air into the Pro Line engine. A full FuelTech FT600 system controls all of the engine’s functions as it sends horsepower to an M&M Transmission torque converter and transmission. When all of these parts work together and Steve lets go of the transbrake, the 3,600-pound Falcon has been able to run a best of 6.84 at 215 mph.

Steve’s family had the same model of Falcon growing up so it’s easy to see why he has owned so many. Over the past decade, this particular car has seen several different combinations and Steve has progressively gotten quicker and faster. The ultimate goal is to become the fastest car on leaf springs in Australia. After that’s been accomplished, Steve wants to start working on bringing the world leaf spring record home to Australia.

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