Announcing The 4th Annual Toyo Tires Automotive Photography Contest

Announcing The 4th Annual Toyo Tires Automotive Photography Contest

Those with an eye for automotive styling and a knack for finding the right shutter speeds should take a second to consider this. The Fourth Annual Toyo Tires Automotive Photo Contest entices young photographers to try their hand at snapping the best vehicular photograph they can muster, and as long as blue is incorporated into the photograph, it stands a chance at winning some appealing prizes.

Smurf, Midnight, or Cerulean; any shade of blue will do.

Aside from adhering to the color-oriented theme, there are some others guidelines the winning photographer needs to consider. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: their originality; artistic composition and technical aspects; embodiment of the Toyo Tires’ brand and lifestyle; and the inclusion of a blue element. Submissions are due no later than Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:59:59 p.m. PST. More more information on submissions, visit this link.

The first-prize package includes a Toyo Tires-branded PelicanTM 1535 Air Personal Carry-On Case with a TrekPak™ Divider System; a Pelican Sport Camera Backpack, Utility Go Case and water bottle; and a trip for two to the annual Shutter Space Automotive Photo Gallery and Car Meet in Houston, Texas. For footage of last year’s Shutter Space|Hawaii, as well as some of 2018’s selected photographs, check out this short video.

As long as it features a blue element, any style of automobile is welcome.

The winning contestant’s image, as well as those of the 19 finalists, will be displayed at the aforementioned event. Those slightly less satisfied but no less talented 19 won’t leave empty handed either; they’ll receive a Toyo Tires branded Pelican 1535 Air Carry-On Case with a TrekPak Divider System, as well as an exclusive Toyo Tires t-shirt and hat.

With the potential to show off one’s work, win some interesting prizes, and take a trip to Texas, it’s fair to assume that the list of entries will not be short. Furthermore, it can only help to be associated with a prominent brand like Toyo. After all, becoming an automotive photographer is a dream realized by a select few, so opportunities like this shouldn’t be discounted.


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