DEI Has A Solution For Your Heat And Sound Control Needs

DEI Has A Solution For Your Heat And Sound Control Needs

There was a time when getting certain types of custom components made for a vehicle either wasn’t possible or so expensive it wasn’t worth it. As new technologies have developed, aftermarket manufacturers have found ways to use it for creating parts. Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has developed a process that combines 3D scanning and CNC cutting to make custom heat and sound protection products.

When DEI brought this 3D scanning and CNC technology in house they hit the ground running and were custom cutting parts within a week. Their ability to adapt to this new process allowed them to start helping race teams and companies in other markets around the globe with their heat and sound control needs.

What makes the 3D scanning and CNC cutting technique so great for DEI is how easy it can be completed. Steve Garrett from DEI explains just how simple this process is for the company to complete for customers.

“If you have a template already made of the custom part you need, we can scan that, create patterns, and cut that shape from the proper material for the application. That works great if you have a template. If you don’t have one, we have a handheld portable 3D scanner we can take anywhere in the country to instantly scan an interior, a driver’s seat, an engine component or anything you need to protect. We then take those scans, hand those to our engineering department, they prepare the files for the CNC table, and then cut the parts.”

DEI has found a way to adopt this technology to provide custom part solutions for just about any vehicle and any application you can think of. By doing the research and learning how to apply this technology to the sound and heat control industry, DEI has expanded their capabilities while chopping down lead times significantly for parts.

“With our 3D scanning and CNC cutting ability, we can produce heat and sound protection in any custom shape within .005 of an inch tolerance. We are able to produce highly customized shapes for protection for drivers, engine components and interiors from a large variety of our high-performance materials. With this technology, we can produce custom solutions in days instead of weeks or months,” Garrett explains.

Racers and those who work on racecars can see an immediate benefit from this technology no matter what kind of vehicle they have in the shop.

“This process can assist drivers and crew at any level in drag racing or other high-performance vehicles. It can help drivers with custom shape shielding to protect them against engine heat, it will help components such as turbos and cooling lines with custom fit sleeves and blankets. It can also help crew by creating shields for exhaust manifolds, not only to lower underhood temperatures but to protect them against burns while working on the vehicle,” Garrett says.

Taking on a new type of technology has opened a lot of doors for DEI in regards to what kinds of parts they can make. The company has just begun to explore what is possible and is ready to take the 3D scanning and CNC cutting process to the next level.

“Our future plans include building a library of every vehicle we can get our hands on to produce all in one kits for the consumer. These kits would include custom cut pieces for complete heat and sound control packages. Because the technology is so portable, the future might even include setting up at some races and solving any heat issues drivers are having. We would be able to scan their vehicle, send the files to our shop and produce a solution for them for their very next race,” Garrett explains.

Make sure you check out the DEI website right here to learn more about this process and how you can have parts made for your ride.


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