Inside the Winning 1,784 hp LSX Built for $15K

Inside the Winning 1,784 hp LSX Built for $15K

If you were in an engine build off with a budget of $15,000, how would you spend the money? The object is to make as much power and torque as possible and not leave anything on the table. While $15,000 is a pretty hefty budget, you would still need to cut corners in this competition to have any hope of winning. You would need to choose your parts wisely because if you tried to save money in the wrong area parts failure would lead to your defeat.

Our LS vs Coyote 2 competitors were up against all odds as they tried to find the perfect balance between expensive bulletproof aftermarket parts and factory components. After the engines were assembled, Late Model Engines (LME) and MPR Racing went head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle royal on the dyno.

Ultimately Bryan Neelen and his crew from LME were the winners of LS vs Coyote 2. They were able to put together a 427 cubic-inch LSX engine that produced a staggering 1,784 horsepower and 1,422 lb-ft of torque with the help of a ProCharger F-1X supercharger with a 10-rib serpentine belt. This powerhouse of a mill utilized both factory and aftermarket parts while withstanding over a dozen dyno pulls with big boost from the F-1X.

LS vs Coyote 2 – LME 427 LSX Parts List

Block Chevrolet LSX Block (PN 19260093) $2,782.16
Cam Bearings Dura Bond CH-23 cam bearings (PN CH-23) $22.99
Crankshaft Chevrolet LS7 (PN 12611649) $982.99
Connecting Rods Saenz Billet I Beam 6.125-inches $1,260
Rod Bearings Clevite CB 663 H rods (PN CB663) $143.92
Main Bearings Clevite MS 2199 H mains (PN MS2199h) 136.99
Main Studs ARP Pro Series 12pt. main stud kit (PN 234-5608) $214.99
Oil Pump Melling (PN 295) $106.68
Pistons MAHLE forged, 4.125-inches (PN LSX045125F08) $599.50
Balancer Power Bond SFI (PN PBO1662SS28) $279.00
Head Studs Chevrolet Factory Bolts (PN 17800568) $58.74
Cylinder Heads Brodix BR-7 LS7 LME CNC Heads $3,129.00
Porting LME CNC Included with heads
Valves Intake LME Titanium 2.200-in. Included with heads
Valves Exhaust LM Stainless 1.610-in. Included with heads
Valvesprings LME/PAC Dual Included with heads
Retainers LME Titanium Included with heads
Locks LME Machined Included with heads
Seals LME Viton Included with heads
Locators LME Machined Included with heads
Guides Bronze Guides Included with heads
Head Gaskets Cometic MLX 6 Bolt with 1/2-in. Bolt Holes (PN H3491SP4052S) (PN H3492SP4052S) $201.11
Lifters ACDelco LS7 Hydraulic Roller (PN 17120060) $178.46
Pushrods Manley Performance 3/8-inch diameter $95.00
Camshaft Comp Cams custom $392.00
Timing Chain/Belt Drive Comp Cams billet (PN7106) $127.00
Rocker Arms Int. GM LS7 (PN 12579617) $103.92
Rocker Arms Exh. GM LS7 (PN 12579615) $175.92
Intake LME Billet Intake $3,995.00
Oil Pan GM 2010 & Up Camaro (PN 12640748) Used
Front Cover GM LS2 w/ cam sensor, gasket, seal, and bolts (PN 12598293) Used
Valley Cover GM LS2 w/ gasket and bolts (PN 1258832) Used
Valve Cover Bolts Chevrolet (PN 12577215) Used
Windage Tray GM 2010 & Up Camaro/ZL1 (PN 12611129) Used
Oil Pan Bolts Factory Bolts Used
Valve Covers Chevrolet LS6 (PN 12570427) (PN 12582224) Used
ECU Holley Dominator (PN 554-114)
EFI Wiring Harness Holley EFI Wiring Harness (PN 558-102)
Fuel Injectors Deatschwerks 2,2oocc (PN 16S-00-2200-8)
EFI Throttle Body Holley Sniper 102mm (PN 860005-1)
Supercharger ProCharger F-1X (PN pc33oa-001)
Intercooler ProCharger air-to-water (PNWI1005A-001)
Blow Off / Bypass ProCharger Pro Race Valve (PN 3FASS-010)
Brackets/Gear Drive ProCharger C5/C6 Vette 10 Rib Main Bracket (PN 3GKBB-049)
Brackets/Gear Drive ProCharger C5/C6 Vette 10 Rib Main Bracket (PN 3GKBB-050)
Supercharger Accessories Race Bellmouth F-1X (PN AF006A-020)
Supercharger Accessories 3.85″ – 10 Rib Drive Pulley – D Series (PN DP385I-10D)
Supercharger Accessories 4.00″ – 10 Rib Drive Pulley – D Series (PN DP400I-10D)
Coils E3 (PN E3.602)
Spark Plug Wires E3 Universal Race Wire (PN E31400)
Spark Plugs E3 (PN E3.101)
Oil Royal Purple XPR 10w40 (PN 01041)
Summit Racing Total

The LME 427 used several factory components that we were surprised to see at this power level. Some of the items used in this build included a GM LS7 crankshaft, GM LS7 hydraulic roller lifters, GM head bolts, and GM LS7 rocker arms.

We don’t think anyone was expecting this engine to crank out almost 1,800 horses. Even Bryan Neelen said, “We know from experience that we can make 1,600 horsepower at the flywheel with E85 fuel on one of our 427 combinations.” 1,600 horsepower, not 1,784 but either way LME proved that they made the correct choices as these selected factory parts somehow lived.

On the other hand, LME selected mostly strong engine components. The Chevrolet Performance LSX block was a critical upgrade in place any of the factory LS engine castings. The LSX block offers a higher nickel content and features Siamese cylinder bores, 1054 billet steel 6-bolt main bearing caps, 6-bolt cylinder head bolt pattern, with an external oil pump feed at the rear. The bottom end of the block also received an upgrade with a set of Automotive Racing Products (ARP) main studs that replaced the use of factory bolts.

The connecting rods can be another weak link in a factory engine. For LS vs Coyote 2, LME decided to use a set of robust Saenz Performance Billet I-Beam rods. These rods are made of 300M with ARP 7/16 L19 fasteners and can endure a tremendous amount of power. Ultimately, LME chose the 300M material to keep the weight relatively low, which is one of the advantages of 300M.

Factory pistons would also be another weak point and would not be able to handle the massive load. Bryan worked with the crew over at MAHLE and selected an LS forged piston that included tool steel wrist pins. These pistons offer a compression ratio of 11:1 and are set up for lots of boost.

Now that the short-block had the reliability that it needed to possibly with the competition, it was time to select the parts required to make the power. A custom COMP Cams camshaft was used with .714-inch lift and 245/263 duration at .050, cut with a 115 LSA. A set of LME-ported Brodix BR-7 LS7 CNC heads with a competition valve job were also used to get the air in and out of the engine. The 12-degree heads come from Brodix in bare cast form, and then LME CNC-ports them, flow tests, and mills them. The heads come from LME with titanium 2.200-inch intake valves, stainless 1.600 exhaust valves, dual valvesprings, and titanium retainers.

As impressive as this build is, the real MVP of LS vs Coyote 2 just might be the F-1X ProCharger unit. This self-contained supercharger cranked out an impressive 34-pound of boost and pushed the LS 427 well north of the 1,700 horsepower mark. What is equally remarkable is the fact that a 10-rib serpentine belt system drove the supercharger! This is the same type of drive that could be found on just about any ProCharged street car. The 10-rib drive not only spun the F-1X to monstrous boost levels, but, with a few adjustments to the tensioner and belt routing, it was also able to do it reliably pull after pull.

Backed by some of the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket — including ARPBMR SuspensionCOMPCovercraftDiabloSportDyna-BattE3 Spark PlugsHolley Performance PartsMAHLEMickey ThompsonProChargerQA1Royal PurpleSummit RacingTCIWeld Racing, and others, the final installment of Horsepower Wars: LS vs Coyote, Part 2 has made for an exciting battle. Stay tuned for additional editorial as we dyno test the engines one last time, both with identical F-1A-94 superchargers. In the meantime, we have the next season of Pony Wars, which continues the classic Ford vs. Chevy battle – and even throws a Mopar into the mix.


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