New FuelTech Software Update Provides More Transmission Control

New FuelTech Software Update Provides More Transmission Control

Innovation has been a driving force behind how FuelTech approaches the design of their products and updates to their offerings. Since the pace of change in drag racing is so fast, that forward-thinking mindset has helped FuelTech. Now, FuelTech users have even more control over their transmissions in a drag racing setting with the latest software update to their line of ECUs.

The idea to start adding more transmission control for FuelTech began as a way to help users consolidate electronics inside the cockpit of their cars. This not only frees up vital space, it removes the clutter of extra wiring while saving weight. The new update works with any drag racing transmission including the Powerglide, TH400, Lenco, and Liberty transmission.

Providing more details about the software update is Luis De Leon from FuelTech. De Leon explains just how these updates will make controlling the transmission inside a high-horsepower car much easier.

“The latest update just added the Liberty control as each transmission requires a different approach. The regular automatic has one output that pulses air to a lever. The Lenco has one output per gear that sends pressure to each “pod” of the transmission. The Liberty has one output per gear, but it swaps outputs with the next gear change. This new update allows the user to have better control of the transmission, better driver input, and data feedback without the need of any external modules for a Liberty.”

Racers who use a Liberty transmission and a FuelTech ECU will really find some great perks tucked away inside this latest update.

“The Liberty keeps air to the actual gear, so you can pedal without getting out of gear, but disengage the last gear on a time-based matter so as the driver lifts it goes back to neutral by itself. It also protects the transmission when first gear or reverse is engaged with the car running. We added a “drive” and “reverse” switch that also require transbrake input to put the car in gear. The transbrake also resets the gear, taking the need of a gear reset button out of the car and making it easier to drive,” De Leon says.

This new update also allows a user to manage the lockup function of their transmission via the pressure bleeds for enhanced control of the lockup. There is also a staging control function for the Powerglide, TH400, or converter drive style transmissions that use a single or dual transbrake output. FuelTech users can now manage the fluid dump for their torque converter with this update. Another great feature added to the update is a data log all of the information that flows in or out of the transmission’s sensors.

Check out the FuelTech website right here to learn more about their ECUs and this latest software update.

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