Performance Automatic’s Max and Pro Max Performance Kits

Performance Automatic's Max and Pro Max Performance Kits

“Never waste an opportunity to upgrade” is a saying any hot rodder worth their salt knows. We’re sure Performance Automatic had that saying in mind when it developed its Max and Pro Max Performance kits.

Performance Automatic has been providing enthusiasts and the entire aftermarket with upgraded transmissions and transmission parts for years. They cater to Ford, GM, and Chrysler, so they have something for everyone.

The seemingly endless list of transmissions for which Performance Automatic produces Max and Pro Max Performance Kits.

What we’re taking a look at today is its option for rebuilding worn out transmissions, and then taking that a step further to rebuild it into something that can handle some real power.

We’re talking about Performance Auto’s Max and Pro Max Performance Kits. According to the folks at PA, its Max Performance kit consists of “the parts needed to freshen up or rebuild the most common rear-wheel-drive transmissions used in performance vehicles today. The kits include all the seals, gaskets, and clutches you need to bring your transmission back to life!”

So, if you’re looking for an upgraded rebuild kit for your transmission, the Max Performance Kit might be the perfect option for you. But, if you’re pushing some serious power, you’re going to want to check out PA’s Pro Max Performance Kits.

An example of one of Performance Automatic’s Pro Max Performance kits. This one is for a GM application.

Just like the video above explains, the Pro Max Performance Kits “start with PA’s handpicked overhaul kit with high performance clutches and bands. Then it adds all the extra performance mods to really step up the program. It adds a valve body shift-improvement package, racing-type clutch plates and various servos, valves, sprags, and washers to make this the best kit you can buy.”

The Pro Max Kits use the same parts Performance Automatic uses on all of its Street Smart and racing transmission packages. You can find out more about the Max and Pro Max Performance Kits on Performance Auto’s website, here.

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