SCT To Offer Trade In Program Starting July 1st On Handheld Devices

SCT To Offer Trade In Program Starting July 1st On Handheld Devices

The performance tuning process for EFI vehicles has changed dramatically from the early days when companies were just starting to figure it out. You literally can hold the ability to unlock performance in the palm of your hand with different tuners that are available on the market today. SCT is ready to make it easy for performance lovers to get the newest tuning products in their hands with a great trade-in promotion during the month of July.

Starting on July 1 and running through August 15, you can purchase a new SCT or Bully Dog device and trade in your old device to get a $50 VISA prepaid card. The best part is SCT is taking any tuner or monitor in on trade, including a competitors product, and it doesn’t matter what kind of shape it’s in.

The idea for this program actually came from SCT customers, according to Jill Hepp. Those requests helped shaped the idea and allowed SCT to put this program together.

“The technology of tuning has been around for decades and people have adopted it at all different points — back when chips were welded into the PCM boards all the way to now where we have the ability to get custom tunes from anywhere in the world. Over the years, many of our consumers have requested the ability to trade in their older devices to get their hands on newer devices with different applications and more features. Now, we are not only giving this opportunity to our customers, but to anyone — we are accepting any tuning device or monitor as part of the trade-in.”

If you’ve been playing with handheld tuners for any amount of time you might have accumulated a few over the years for different vehicles. This program is a great way to clear some out of the garage and get paid to do it.

“This will give a consumer the opportunity to clear out their garage and get their hands on the tuning device that they want for their vehicle. Over the years, people have obtained tuners by buying a used vehicle or buying a used device on the web or even just getting one from a friend. Now, they have the chance to turn those in and get a prepaid VISA gift card with the purchase of their new SCT tuning device,” Hepp explains.

To learn more about this program, head over to the SCT website right here to get all of the details.

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