Terry Leggett Works With Vortech In PDRA Pro Boost Class

Terry Leggett Works With Vortech In PDRA Pro Boost Class

If you’re looking for a class in drag racing that has constant movement from the status quo, then Pro Mod is your game. The top cars in this class are in a state of perpetual change based on a combination of what technology is available, which parts will make a car faster, and what the rules allow. PDRA Pro Boost racer and Pro Modified veteran Terry “Legbone” Leggett has made the most of switching to a new Vortech blower in 2019 from a roots-style supercharger.

Leggett made the transition from a screw blower to a roots blower after the PDRA Pro Extreme class shuttered in 2018 so he could compete in Pro Boost. This year, Leggett made the switch to a Vortech V-30 131A centrifugal blower from the roots-style huffer and has quickly adapted to the new combination.

The V-30 131A provides boost to the 526 cubic-inch Alan Johnson HEMI that has been assembled by Charlie Buck Racing Engines and is topped off with a custom Hogan intake manifold. Behind the engine is a Mark Micke-built transmission to put the power down. So far, the new combination has worked out well for Leggett and his timeslips reflect this with numerous passes in the mid-3.70s at 200 mph.

Vortech’s V-30 131A has proven to be very reliable for Leggett as he spins the blower close to its maximum 65,000 RPM rating, while producing nearly 45-pounds of boost. What makes the Vortech such a good fit for Pro Boost and other high-horsepower classes is the more than 4,000 cfm of air it can move on its way to creating 3,000 horsepower.

If you need a monstrous and reliable supercharger for your application, check out the V-30 131A right here on Vortech’s website.

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