Wajdy Khalil’s Twin Turbo Mustang

Wajdy Khalil's Twin Turbo Mustang

Having a unique combination can be both a blessing and a curse in drag racing — it will earn you a lot of attention, but it can also be a headache to sort out. Canadian racer Wajdy Khalil carries the Modular motor flag with pride for the Ford community and his twin-turbo 1984 Mustang known as The Mod Booger uses one of these small-cubic inch mills. Khalil is working on sorting out his Mustang so it will become a threat in the small-tire world.

Khalil decided to go the Mod motor route due to his experience with the platform. He runs WK Performance & Auto, a shop in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that specializes in the small-displacement engines and other Ford powerplants. Khalil uses The Mod Booger as a platform to promote his business and push the limits of the Mod motor so he can assist customers in making even more power.

“It started as a hobby for me, really, when it comes to racing. After starting the shop and trying to make a name for myself I saw where small-tire outlaw racing was a way to do that. We originally started racing with a different car. We even went to Oklahoma with it at one point and raced with the Street Outlaws. We decided to change chassis and bought this well-known car that was owned by Doug Vanstrom. When we saw a chance to buy it, we did, because we knew the car worked,” Khalil says.

The 305 cubic-inch heart of The Mod Booger is a 4.6-liter Boss block that has been outfitted with Darton sleeves, a billet crank, billet connecting rods, and JE Pistons. The stock four-valve heads have been CNC ported by Foxlake and work with a set of custom-ground camshafts from Todd Warren at NASVT cams. Feeding the boosted air into the billet JWC performance intake is a pair of 6871 Comp turbos. A Proline 5500 series transmission that Vanstrom Racing has gone through is matched to a PTC torque converter behind the engine. John at ProTech racing handles the tuning of the Holley EFI system.

The last big outing for Khalil and his Mustang was at Lights Out 10 at South Georgia Motorsports Park — this was the first large race for the team and they ran into some issues, however, they fought through the problems to get as much data as possible.

“Lights Out 10 just wasn’t our weekend at all. We spent most of the time thrashing on the car and dealt with everything from bad injectors to a torque converter failure that resulted in a fire. We finally got everything to work on the last pass after rebuilding the transmission, changing the converter, replacing the injectors and swapping out the O2 sensors. The car left so hard on that final pass that it bent the anti-roll bar but still managed to run a 5.30. We will be back at No Mercy and plan on running X275 to show everyone what a 305 cubic-inch Mod motor can do,” Khalil says.

Wajdy Khalil and his team embody what makes racing with a unique combination awesome. No matter what happens they always keep chipping away at their E.T.’s as they attempt to go even faster, and don’t be surprised to see Khalil and his team begin to reset all of the Mod motor records in the near future.

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