American Muscle Meets Diesel Power: Cummins-Powered Dodge Daytona

American Muscle Meets Diesel Power: Cummins-Powered Dodge Daytona

We don’t normally cover items like this, especially since its for sale, but it is honestly too incredible to not share. As diesel drag racing continues to grow, there are more and more awesome builds showing up around the country. It isn’t uncommon to see a diesel-powered car or even a short two-wheel drive truck racing, but this is different. Dallas Theobald, with H & S Performance, has posted a for sale ad for a Cummins-powered Dodge Daytona.

When I think Dodge Daytona, I think of a $500,000-plus sale on Barrett Jackson Auctions or Buddy Baker being the first to 200-MPH in NASCAR. For Theobald, this is a first, too. This Daytona is powered by an Industrial Injection Diesel Performance 6.7-Liter Cummins Shredder Series engine. With Industrial involved, you know that this engine is covered with goodies and is capable of some serious power.

Like I mentioned before, this car is full of high dollar items and looking into the engine bay, no expense was spared. Billet front engine cover, billet valve cover, billet dry sump oil pan, and a monster Precision Turbo Pro Mod 94MM turbocharger hanging off a Steed Speed T6 Comp exhaust manifold.

  • Carbon Fiber Body
  • Mark Williams 11-Inch Modular Rear End With Carbon Brakes
  • Penske Racing Rear Shocks
  • Lamb Struts Carbon Brakes
  • Weld V-Series Wheels
  • Hoosier Tires
  • Racepak Data Monitoring System
  • Nitrous Express No2 System
  • Dual Parachutes
  • Wheelie Bars

Just to name a few of the items this car has to offer. We saw this car in its early stages a few years ago at the Ultimate Callout Challenge and wondered whatever happened to it. We can’t wait to see who snags this beast up and starts competing with it. Stay tuned to Diesel Army for the latest in our industry. What do you think about this Daytona? Let us know in the comments below.




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