243 years ago representatives of the original thirteen colonies laid the foundation for a country that would come to be known as the land of the free and the home of the brave.
This is more than just a day to illuminate the sky with fireworks. It’s a day of reflection and honor.
On this Fourth of July, the family of CompetitionPlus.com encourages you to pause in remembrance of those brave souls who stood up for our freedom by declaring our independence from England on this fateful day in 1776.
And pause as well to remember the brave soldiers who have stood on battlefields around the world since that day to preserve freedom for generations to come.
While CompetitionPlus.com reaches a diverse world audience it is very important that we make it crystal clear that we have an undying patriotism when it comes to the country we are so proud to call home. 
Remember our troops as you celebrate this Independence Day. Pray for them, as well as for all POW/MIA and military families.
We are blessed to enjoy this day of freedom, and we wish you and yours a great Fourth. 
The Staff of CompetitionPlus.com



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