Installing An Earl’s Brake Light Switch Kit

Installing An Earl's Brake Light Switch Kit

Having working brake lights is a requirement for any vehicle that is driven on public roads, and even racecars need to have at least one brake light so they can be seen at the track. In most cases builders are able to use an OEM solution for their brake lights, but what do you do when that’s not possible? Earl’s Performance Plumbing has a solution with their brake light switch kit, and they show how easy it can be installed in this video.

With any custom or racecar build, there are times when you have to come up with a one-off resolution to something, and brakes are usually on that list. The brake system isn’t built around how the brake light will be activated, so you need to get creative, and a simple solution like the Earl’s brake light switch kit makes that task easier.

One of the biggest highlights of this kit is how simple it is — there’s no need to worry about creating a crazy pedal-operated switch. Earl’s thought of everything you need to add a pressure-activated brake switch to any brake system with this kit. The included tee is designed to work with a 3/16-inch hardline and has been machined to use a total of three 3/8-inch, -24 inverted flare female ports for easy plumbing. For the pressure switch, a 1/8-inch NPT port was added to the tee. A mounting hole has been added to the tee so you can have plenty of options to put it where it works best for your application.

Check out this video from Earl’s that shows how easy this kit is to install and you can learn more about it on their website right here.

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