Jason Pickett’s Boosted Caprice Hearse

Jason Pickett's Boosted Caprice Hearse

Drag-and-drive events like Rocky Mountain Race Week (RMRW) demonstrate how much abuse a street car can take, and they also bring out some pretty interesting builds. During the 2019 edition of RMRW Jason Pickett turned a few heads when he rolled up to the starting line in his LS-powered Chevrolet Caprice hearse. Pickett’s hearse is more than just a cool looking ride, though — it hauls the mail despite its bulbous size with a whole lot of boosted horsepower.

Pickett is very familiar with horsepower; as one of the members of the team at Lundstedt Automotive in Colorado, he’s used to playing with fast vehicles. With help from the guys over at Carnage Crew Garage, Pickett set off on his quest to build a wild vehicle in the form of the hearse that would be a great fit for RMRW. The final product is a ridiculously fun car that shows anything can become a racecar if you have enough imagination.

Powering the 22-foot long hearse is a built 383 cubic-inch LS6-based engine. To make sure there was plenty of power on tap, Pickett added an F-2 blower from ProCharger. The belt can easily be removed or installed so the drives to each track can be made easier. When Pickett put the hearse on the dyno it made 910 horsepower before it ran out of spark and couldn’t pull above 6,000 RPM. Pickett estimates the engine could easily make 1,000 horsepower if he turned the blower up all the way.

To make RMRW a true family adventure, Pickett mounted a back-seat in the hearse for his daughter to ride in during the drive from track to track. Making the street driving even easier for Pickett is the built 4L80E transmission with a lock-up torque converter. The RMRW event was the first time Pickett was able to open the hearse up on the track, and it didn’t disappoint. The massive vehicle laid down a 10.21 pass and a health 139 mph trap speed during the event.

Check out this footage from 1320Video that documents the Pickett family’s adventures as RMRW unfolded.

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