Matt Randell’s Wild Top End Crash At Outlaw Dragstrip

Matt Randell's Wild Top End Crash At Outlaw Dragstrip

As a racer you want every pass to be like a good airline flight; uneventful and with as little drama as possible.

Matt Randell didn’t experience that.

Randell went from being a driver to a pilot during the Ten Five Till I Die Shakedown event at Outlaw Dragstrip when his GMC Sonoma’s brakes failed. What followed was a crazy ride caught on film thanks to Speed Obsessed.

Randell was at the Ten Five Till I Die Shakedown running in the small-tire class driving the 1992 GMC Sonoma known as “ShpTruk”. The LS-turbo powered truck is campaigned out of Bob’s Auto Repairs and is a fairly fast ride. On this pass all of the power the truck put down turned into a problem when the brakes failed and the parachute didn’t deploy.

It’s rare to have such an intimate view of what happens during a crash like this. The 360-degree camera mounted on Randell’s truck tells the tale and shows everything that happened. During the pass, you can see Randell is forced to lift as the truck gets way out of the groove and he can’t regain control. His opponent in the other lane streaks past him and things look to be over until Randell doesn’t slow down in the shutdown area.

As Randell is running out of real estate at the top end you can see him make the decision to avoid the sand trap and netting at the end of the track. The truck hits an embankment and flies through the air coming to a rest rubber-side-down. Randell’s frustration is evident as he gets out of the truck and views the damage. According to the ShpTruk’s Facebook page, the truck is repairable and will be saved to race again. Thankfully the safety gear did its job and Randell was able to walk away from this wild crash.

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