The US Shift Throttle Position Sensor Kit

The US Shift Throttle Position Sensor Kit

Modern amenities can be hard to come by in a high-performance muscle car or a custom build. A newer overdrive transmission can be attractive for those who put a lot of street miles on their ride, however, if you are using a carburetor for induction, that is an issue. US Shift has a solution for this situation if your engine uses an Edelbrock and Holley carburetor with its Throttle Position Sensor Kit.

Adding a TPS sensor to a carburetor opens up the options for a transmission immensely. US Shift made sure when they began the design probes for the TPS kit that it would have everything you need for a quick and clean installation. Its TPS kit works with transmission control systems available from US Shift as well as other aftermarket units or data loggers.

The hard parts that US Shift used for the TPS kit are of the highest quality and can deal with the difficult environment found under the hood of a high-performance vehicle. A specially designed Hall-Effect sensor is the strength of the TPS kit and is backed by a three-year warranty along with the rest of the included parts. The bracket and sensor lever are both made from 304 stainless steel to prevent any rust issues and be strong enough to stand up to years of throttle mashing fun. To make sure you have plenty of wire to hook everything up, US Shift made the cable length a healthy 7-feet long.

Check out the US Shift website right here to learn everything about the TPS kit.

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