ACCEL Extreme 9000 Black Ceramic Boot Plug Wires

ACCEL Extreme 9000 Black Ceramic Boot Plug Wires

There are many product offerings available that are designed to protect your spark plug wires from the heat inside your engine bay, but what about the plug wire boots? With spark plug wires having to work perilously close to exhaust headers, the boots themselves can easily get scorched. The solution to this are ceramic boot spark plug wires like the ACCEL Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot spark plug wires.

Any kind of ignition issue will lead to performance problems for an engine and that can be catastrophic in a racing situation. Durable spark plug wires become a necessity if you want to avoid any problems, but these spark plug wires must also be able to transfer the right amount of energy to the plugs themselves. ACCEL saw the need for a product that was both durable and high performance-oriented, so it created the Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot line of products.

The ceramic boots of the wires are able to withstand temperatures up to a whopping 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit — more than enough for your average user. ACCEL made sure the double silicone constructed wire and jacket had plenty of heat resistance, so they used materials that could deal with 600 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. On the performance side of things, the Extreme 9000 series wires provide 500 Ohms/ft of resistance to make sure you have plenty of spark to light off the combustion process inside your engine. The wires also feature terminals made of stainless steel and have plenty of RFI/EMI suppression for any application.

Check out all of the different options available for the Extreme 9000 Ceramic Wires right here on the ACCEL website.

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