Advanced Modern Performance’s C7 ZR5 Goes Mid-8’s

Advanced Modern Performance's C7 ZR5 Goes Mid-8's

It’s an excellent time to be alive if you are looking to own a fast C7 ZR1 Corvette. Earlier this week we reported on a Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) packaged HPE1200 C7 ZR1 that knocked off an impressive 8.97 at 156.25 mph in less than ideal conditions. The HPE1200 packaged ‘Vette managed a 1.41 60-foot time with a 5.82-second 1/8-mile time.

This week Advanced Modern Performance (AMP) out of Grand Prarie, Texas hit the race track and made a statement of their own. Armed with their AMP ZR5 packaged C7 ZR1, AMP was able to bust off an extraordinary 8.57-second 1/4-mile time at 160.25 mph. The ‘Vette had a blistering 1.26 60-foot time and went a 5.52 in the 1/8-mile bettering previous Hennessey’s efforts.

The AMP ZR5 package includes a host of go-fast goodies. An AMP 5-inch intake system keeps the air unrestricted as it moves through a103mm billet throttle body and into the CNC ported LT5 blower. A ZPE Griptec 2.7 upper supercharger pulley is also included with an Innovators West 9-percent overdrive harmonic balancer. AMP uses their billet thermostat housing with a 160-degree thermostat as well.

For the ZR5 package, Amp CNC ports the LT5 cylinder heads which include a set of Manley Performance HD stainless steel exhaust valves, Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) .660 lift springs and Titanium retainers. A set of ARP studs are used in conjunction with LT5 head gaskets to makes sure the heads are secure on the short block. Hardened pushrods and a set of Johnson tie bar short-travel race lifters add stability to the valvetrain.

For additional fueling, the ZR5 uses a DSX Tuning auxiliary low side fuel pump kit, custom LT5 cam with a 38-percent OD Direct Injection (DI) fuel lobe, and Injector Dynamics ID1050X fuel injectors. An Alky Control dual nozzle methanol injection system and AMP trunk-mount water box are also included to keep the Intake Air Temperatures (IAT) at bay.

Under the car is more of the same treatment as the factory manifolds are scrapped for the better flowing Kooks 2-inch headers that include a set of off-road connection pipes.

If you are looking to get your C7 ZR1 in the 8-second range, AMP sells the 8-second ZR5 package for $29,500. You can drop the car off, and AMP will take care of everything else, including installation and dyno testing. To get the full list of features on the ZR5, be sure and visit

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