AN Hose Fittings Made Easy With Koul Tools

AN Hose Fittings Made Easy With Koul Tools

If you’ve ever had to plumb the fluid systems of a project car then you know the pain of assembling AN hoses. The frustration of trying to get clean cuts on the hose followed by the process of getting the hose into the fitting is enough to make anyone scream. Koul Tools has products that make this process easier; it also provides tips on how to make the assembly process a breeze.

The first big hurdle you face when making AN hoses for the first time — or the 10,000th time — is trying to get the frayed end of the hose into the fitting’s nut. Even with a clean cut on the braided hose, it can be daunting, but Koul Tools came up with a product to make that process easier. The AN Hose Assembly Tool removes most of the challenges faced when getting any type of braided hose into the AN nut.

Even after getting the hose fed into the AN nut, there can still be challenges when it comes to finishing the assembly of the hose. As you begin to screw the AN fitting into the socket of your hose there is the potential problem of the hose being pushed out of the nut. Koul Tools even has a video to illustrate how to make this process easier and lower the probability of a problem.

The best tip when it comes to the assembly of AN hoses is how to clamp the hose in your vise jaw inserts. By placing the inserts in the vice so they are sticking out slightly, they can grip both the nut and hose at the same time. This way as you screw the fitting in, the hose can’t back out.

Check out the Koul Tools website right here for more tips and to see all the trick tools it offers.

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