Fragola’s New High Performance Race-Rite Hoses

Fragola's New High Performance Race-Rite Hoses

Hoses and fittings have a reputation for being a rather standard item that just needs to work. Fragola Performance Systems disagrees with that notion, so it developed a new line of hoses that are designed to provide maximum performance. The Race-Rite hoses are the solution for those looking to move fluids in the best and most efficient way possible.

Fragola developed the Race-Rite and Race-Rite Pro Hose as a way to service the higher end market of automotive plumbing needs. After evaluating what the current hose had to offer and what those who push the edge of performance were looking for, Fragola went to the drawing board to create something that bridged the gap.

Fragola’s Brint Mclellan explains what the Race-Rite hose has to offer those looking for some more performance out of their plumbing system.

“Our Race-Rite hose is lighter, more flexible, and has a larger inside diameter than our other offerings. It features a conductive P.T.F.E. smoothbore liner that makes it compatible with just about any fluid. It’s the perfect hose to use in most fuel, ATF, and coolant applications. It gives customers a hose with a larger inside diameter to flow more and that will not deteriorate over time.”

The standard Race-Rite hose is probably more than enough for most applications, but there are some users that have a need for a hose that is even stronger. Fragola wanted to be sure that segment would be covered, so the Race-Rite Pro hose was conceived.

“The Race-Rite Pro Hose offers all of those same benefits with the addition of a stainless spiral wire, wound around the convoluted exterior of the P.T.F.E. tube. That increases its hoop strength and allows for higher vacuum ratings at operating temperature. It also makes the Race-Rite Pro hose more flexible and less prone to sucking shut. It can literally be tied in a knot without kinking. This is the ultimate dry sump hose solution. I would also recommend using this product on the inlet side of high volume fuel pumps,” Mclellan explains.

Currently, both the Race-Rite and Race-Rite Pro hose need to be used with Fragola’s crimp-on Race-Rite Hose Ends. These hose ends have a durable hard coat finish and a double swivel design that eliminates the need to worry about which direction the end is clocked before crimping. Fragola is working on the tooling for reusable screw-together hose ends that will work with the Race-Rite line of hoses soon.

You can get all the specs on the Race-Rite and Race-Rite Pro hoses right here on Fragola’s website.

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