Get Your Flow On With Peterson’s Small Remote Primer Filter Mount

Get Your Flow On With Peterson's Small Remote Primer Filter Mount

If you want to get the most performance and longest life possible out of a high-performance engine, then proper lubrication had better be on your mind. Sure, it’s important to use the best oil possible, but that does you no good if the oil isn’t getting to critical parts during the startup process. Adding a filter mount and primer like one from Peterson Fluid Systems ensures every vital component is lubricated for a safe startup.

Since you might not be racing every weekend, gravity can drag oil away from the surface of different engine components leaving them without any protection when you go to start the engine. Without the right lubrication ‘dry-start scuffing’ can occur in an engine built for racing, since the tolerances are tight and there’s a high amount of compression. Using a primer filter mount allows you to use a drill to prime the entire engine with oil quickly and easily.

This new small primer filter mount from Peterson Fluid Systems is designed to work with System One reusable spin-on oil filters. Inside the unit is Peterson’s R4 rotor design that allows it to provide a stout 20 psi of oil pressure in just 10-seconds. Made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and hard coated for durability, this pump can deal with the harsh environment of a racecar’s engine bay. Each of the fittings has been radiused fully so they are able to flow as much oil as possible. To make installation easier, Peterson offers the pump in left to right and right to left flow. The primer remote mount can also be mounted via a tube or on the firewall directly.

To learn more about this product and how it works, check out the Peterson Fluid Systems website right here.

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