Noob questions about NHRA qualifying and related stuff.


I’m watching some programs showing NHRA racing and at the end of each qualifying heat they show the time and top speed for each racer. Sometimes one car will have the fastest time but the other has the fastest speed at the end of the run. Which car goes on to the next race?

There was a reference to a red laser light and when the front tires break the beam. It was somewhat ambiguous but it *seemed* that the reference was to the starting position and it *seemed* that they were saying that, even though both cars saw the green start light at the same time, each car’s time down the track didn’t begin until the car had broken the beam. This would mean that a driver with a slow reaction time doesn’t suffer a time “penalty” because the race time wouldn’t start until it broke the laser light.

Finally, at the end of each run “wrangler” cars with an extended rail or beam come up behind the race cars and follow them off the track into the marshaling yard. Why? What is their role?


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