Pat Casey’s 9-Second Jeep Grand Cherokee

Pat Casey's 9-Second Jeep Grand Cherokee

When the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was first introduced as a standalone platform, it wasn’t designed to be a high-performance automobile — but as always, racers discover a way to change that. Pat Casey found a way to turn your typical Jeep Grand Cherokee into a 9-second racing machine known as The EEP. Don’t sleep on this SUV at the track or it will make you look silly in a hurry.

Casey and his team at MSP Motorsports took your basic 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and combined it with a nice hit of nitrous and a built Mopar engine. With tuning help from Flyin Ryan Performance, the package has been able to lay down a stout 10.76-second pass on motor, and with the nitrous turned on ran an insane 9.71 at 138 with just a 150 shot being used.

Powering The EEP is a 5.9-liter Magnum engine that’s been worked over into a 387 cubic-inch stroker motor. Topping off the Mopar mill is a set of CNC ported Indy Cylinder Heads that take advantage of the 150 shot of nitrous being fed into the engine. The nitrous system isn’t even maxed out yet, as Casey can go all the way up to a 350 shot if he so desires. Taking all of that nitrous-fed abuse is a stock, all-wheel-drive system that still uses the factory axles and transfer case. Casey added a beefy 727 Torqueflight transmission to replace the stock unit so the driveline would be as stout as possible.

The EEP has an interesting look to it with the bullhorn exhaust and grudge-style hood scoop, but those aren’t there for looks. BigKleib34 caught Casey at the Street Car Takeover event at Lucas Oil Raceway with The EEP where he was cracking some skulls on the track while laying down some wicked passes.

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