Biggest Muscle Car Magazine Ever

Biggest Muscle Car Magazine Ever

The number one muscle car magazine on the planet is going late model. That’s right, Street Muscle, the title you know and love for its classic muscle car content will be covering late model cars. The Big Three have been churning out faster and faster muscle cars. Who would have thought a factory car could pull wheelies and make 840 horsepower? Meanwhile, the 650hp ZL1 set the production record around the Nürburgring, and the 760 horsepower GT500 is on deck to do some amazing things. Whether you are a fan of Mopar, Chevy, or Ford – it’s an incredible time to be alive.

Recently Street Muscle’s sister publication, Power & Performance, carried the mantle of late model performance. However, Power Automedia has made the decision to combine these titles starting October 1st. The move bolsters one of the company’s flagship magazines with both popular content from Power & Performance produced by some of the industry’s top writers, as well as the late model content that has been its hallmark since acquired by Power Automedia. The move ensures that Street Muscle will continue to be a premier destination for muscle car enthusiasts, but with a wider scope that celebrates all generations.

Great late model Mopar content is nothing new to Street Muscle. Before the acquisition of Power & Performance and its shift to classics only, Street Muscle broke many of the wildly popular Dodge Demon teaser stories. This time around, it is here to stay. Whether you celebrate all three of Detroit’s finest or simply love cross-brand rivalries, Street Muscle is the ultimate playground where muscle cars and pony cars can roam free. Regardless of year or era, Street Muscle speaks only the language of horsepower.

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