Boosted Power And Strength With The Mod2k Piston From Diamond Pistons

Boosted Power And Strength With The Mod2k Piston From Diamond Pistons

Ford Modular and Coyote engines are known for their high RPM range and love of boost, so if you want to take advantage of these attributes a good set of pistons are a must. Diamond Pistons’ Mod2K piston is a purpose-built slug that can take a 2,000 horsepower beating and beg for more.

Racers and engine builders have found so many ways to extract mind-boggling amounts of horsepower out of modern Ford engines via power-adders — these leaps in performance have required aftermarket parts suppliers to improve piston offerings, and Diamond Piston has answered the bell with the Mod2K. This piston is a shelf-stock part that works with Gen 1-3 Coyote engines, DOHC 4.6-liter Modular engines, and with Trick Flow 2V Race series heads.

Evan Perkins from Diamond Pistons dished on some of the advantages the Mod2k pistons provide to those who are in search of enormous power from their Ford-based boosted engine.

“First and foremost, the Mod2k pistons are designed for engines producing up to 2,000 horsepower. The next major benefit is that they are a shelf-stock part; that means if a builder needs one, or a set, quickly, they are not waiting on customs pistons to be designed and machined. We have worked with top teams to identify what features they need in a high-horsepower Modular piston and have built the Mod2k to perform reliably at that level.”

Diamond Pistons wanted to be sure that those who seek horsepower via the Mod2k piston could receive it quickly. These pistons are readily available off the shelf with no lead time, something you just don’t get with a custom piston. That means the Mod2k piston can be found in the most popular compression ratios and bore sizes.

Making boost these days isn’t hard, so Diamond Pistons had to be sure the Mod2k piston was ready for whatever users could dream up. That extra effort shows in how great these pistons are for power-adder applications.

“Building a boost-ready piston such as the MOD2K is an exercise in strength. The MOD2K combines all of our real-world knowledge building pistons for turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous applications and packages them together. Features such as extremely thick ring lands, 2618 aluminum alloy, and fully strutted forgings are paired with Total Seal AP piston rings, and .250-inch wall thickness Trend Performance H-13 pins. It’s not just a strong piston, but an incredibly strong system of components,” Perkins explains.

Make sure you check out the Diamond Pistons website to learn more about the Mod2k line of pistons.

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