Gidi Chamdi Is Ready To Retake The GTR World Record At The WCF

Gidi Chamdi Is Ready To Retake The GTR World Record At The WCF


Owning a record in drag racing is something that a lot of racers hang their hat on, and they’ll move mountains to make it happen. Gidi Chamdi happens to be one of those racers and he’s ready to reclaim his crown as the king of the Nissan GTR racing universe. At the World Cup Finals (WCF), Chamdi and the ETS team plan on bringing the GTR world record back to the United States.

When it comes to GTR racing, Chamdi is already royalty, he became the first person ever to pilot one of the all-wheel-drive machines into the 6-second zone at TX2K17 two years ago. That’s the past, and since then the GTR record has changed hands several times and now resides overseas. Chamdi has been working with ETS trying to refine his GTR to be ready and smash the current world record.

After looking at the different locations and options to attempt a record run, Chamdi decided the WCF event would be the perfect stage. Before the event, Chamdi and ETS plan on doing some testing to get the car totally ready for the event.

“I really can’t get into the specifics of what we’ve done to the car but I think if everything goes well in testing the car will go 6.60s. I don’t like to put hard numbers or predictions on these things because you never know what the car will do. We’re not going to WCF thinking we will win the class — we want to do well with Jason’s prep and the good air. The car has been 6.71 at 216 and that’s the best it’s been; 6.58 at 232 is the record and that’s what we’re going after,” Chamdi explains.

Coming to the WCF provides Chamdi the perfect venue to rotate the earth with his ETS-built GTR. It’s not an easy trip bringing all of the team from Washington state to Maryland, but if he can reclaim the GTR record it will be worth all of the effort.

“The WCF is an event that I’ve been hearing about for years. Every time I post something on my Instagram about racing everyone tells us we need to get to this event. Over the years, Jason Miller and I have developed a friendship from his involvement with TX2K, and he’s invited us numerous times to the World Cup but it wasn’t in the cards. We’re actually coming very prepared for this event with two motors, thee transmissions, and a lot of parts. The plan is to go as fast as we can and have spare parts to fix anything if there are any problems. I can’t think of any other event in the import world that’s as important as this event,” Chamdi says.

Winning the Warriors vs Tres Cuart class at the WCF is going to be a challenge for Chamdi. Typically GTRs with big turbo setups struggle with a pro-style tree due to the time it takes to build boost. Chamdi and the ETS team are going to try a few things to make the car build boost quicker, but in the end, they’re just happy to come to the WCF and try to set the GTR Record.

“We want to go 6.57 or quicker, period. The world record is 6.58 so anything quicker would be great. I want that record and I want to bring it back to America. That’s my goal — no matter what track we go to is to have the world record. We want the people that have been waiting to see us come to this event get a great show and see the GTR record get reset on American soil,” Chamdi explains.


It will be exciting to watch Gidi Chamdi chase history during the World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway October 30 – November 3. You can watch it all unfold live on RIGHT HERE when qualifying begins. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor ProCharger along with ATI Performance Products, American Racing Headers, Driven Racing Oil, Race Star Wheels, Weld Racing, Brisk USA Racing, Texas Speed, GForce Engineering, OSTAR Motorsports, Race Winning Brands, SPEC Clutches, McLeod Racing, Nitrous Outlet, and Livernois Motorsports.

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