How To Mount And Plumb A Vacuum Pump Correctly

How To Mount And Plumb A Vacuum Pump Correctly

Using a vacuum pump on a drag racing engine provides a multitude of benefits that will increase performance. Just bolting the pump up and putting a belt around the pulley is only part of the process — you need to make sure the pump is mounted in an optimal position while being plumbed correctly, too. Scott Hall from Moroso shows us some examples of how to mount your vacuum pump and plumb it to function properly.

When it comes time to mount and plumb a vacuum pump in a race car you might find yourself in a unique situation based on your vehicle. Not every car and chassis is the same, so there can be some challenges when it comes to finding the right mounting location for your pump.

In this video, Hall takes us through the pits of Maple Grove Raceway to see just how different racers attack the challenge of mounting a vacuum pump. One of the first things that need to be addressed is how the pump itself is oriented when it’s mounted. Where the pump drain is positioned needs to be taken into consideration to make sure oil flows out as intended. Hall also talks about how you should plumb the lines both into and out of the vacuum pump. The goal is to limit the amount of oil that flows into the pump and this can be achieved by where you tap into the valve cover, or by using a product with some type of baffling in your mounting plan.

A nice bonus included in this video is an explanation by Hall of how the pump functions and how that relates to where you mount it.

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