Outlaw 10.5 Racer Steve Woolley’s High-Flying Acrobatics

Outlaw 10.5 Racer Steve Woolley's High-Flying Acrobatics

Holmer, New York racer Steve Woolley was enjoying what was likely a career-high weekend behind the wheel of his turbocharged Chevrolet Nova at the annual Yellow Bullet Nationals, but in the end, he will more remembered for his acrobatics than his breakout performance on the racetrack.

Woolley qualified second in the quick field of Outlaw 10.5 racers with a stout 3.85 and advanced to the semifinals, where a broken turbocharger sent he, his crew, and an army of volunteers into an all-out frenzy to get the car repaired and turned around for the final against top qualifier Mo Hall.

In that titanic matchup for all the marbles, Woolley experienced his second mishap in as many rounds when his Nova ascended to the stars and appeared to briefly catch air under its flanks. Woolley eventually came crashing back to earth, the car turned partially sideways as it touched down in a shower of sparks and then banged up against the wall as it rolled to a stop — the rack and pinion steering likely impaired if not broken entirely in the violent impact with the pavement.

Who says Georgia is the home of the flying cars?

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