Robert Adamo’s Nine Second Boosted Ford Bronco

Robert Adamo's Nine Second Boosted Ford Bronco

When you talk about the Ford Bronco, drag racing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind; instead, it’s off-roading and OJ Simpson jokes. Robert Adamo decided to change all that and built a wild 1984 Ford Bronco that looks like it is just a tire change away from going off-roading — but it actually blasts down the dragstrip in under 9-seconds.

When Adamo first built his Bronco it was feeding on a healthy diet of nitrous on its way to some crazy wheels-up 9-second passes. Recently, Adamo made the switch to forced induction as a power-adder so he could stuff his 411 cubic-inch Ford-based small-block with air. A ProCharger F2 head unit was selected to get the job done while a MoTec M1 ECU system controls the engine. This new combination makes over 1,400 horsepower to the tires and Adamo hasn’t even turned it up yet.

What makes Adamo’s Bronco so cool — besides the wild wheelstands — is the fact that he still drives it on the street. Taking that into account, and the Bronco’s beefy curb weight of 4,300 pounds, it makes for an interesting vehicle to see at the track. Since making the switch to forced induction, Adamo has limited passes on the Bronco, however, he did lower his personal best to a 9.41 at 147 MPH recently.

Our friends at fullBOOST were at the track when Adamo brought the Bronco out and made some passes. You can see just how much of a handful this thing is when Adamo starts to really lean on it.

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