Ron Stang’s New Twin Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Camaro

Ron Stang's New Twin Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Camaro

Outlaw 10.5 racer Ron Stang has been a fixture in the small-tire racing world for some time — his jet black 2003 Mustang (which appropriately fits his name) had a reputation for being wicked-fast, and held the 1/4-mile record for Outlaw 10.5 at one point. Change is inevitable, though, and Stang has brought out a brand new twin-turbo 2013 Camaro SS for Outlaw 10.5 racing that is drop-dead gorgeous any way you look at it.

After many years of campaigning his Mustang with great results, Stang decided it was time to go in a new direction, so he reached out to chassis builder Dave Parquet about the project and the two began brainstorming what to build. For this new car, Stang wanted something that would be just as nice as his current ride but backed with new technology.

“I had been running my Mustang for a long time and I just wanted to build something new. Originally I was going to build a Corvette, but I couldn’t find one to use as a base for the build. I stumbled onto this car and decided to use it. The car has a long wheelbase so it works well for small-tire racing. My son wants to race, so he is going to take over the reins of the Mustang,” Stang says.

Over the next two years, Parquet worked on the Camaro that was actually the victim of a theft recovery situation. The car has a legitimate title and even still has functioning power windows. Providing horsepower for the Camaro is a Stage-4 481X built by APD engines. A pair of Garrett 94mm turbos generate the boost, while a full suite of Haltech electronics controls the engine. Rossler Transmissions built the three-speed TH400 transmission that works with a Neal Chance Racing Converters torque converter.

Stang is excited to see what his car is capable of and has some very straightforward goals for the fresh build.

“This is our first season with the car and we’re trying just get the bugs worked out and to get it to respond to changes we make. We want to try and go as fast as we can in Outlaw 10.5 and then try to go do some drag radial racing. At that point, we will want to try getting into the 3.90s. We might be able to go that quick on the 10.5 tire but the conditions will have to be right,” Stang explains.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail put into Stang’s Camaro is amazing. With a slick paint job and great stance, this Camaro looks super-slick and should be flying in no time.

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