Adriana Noonen Has The Home Field Advantage At FL2K

Adriana Noonen Has The Home Field Advantage At FL2K

Having a big race at your home track is exciting and gives you more confidence as a racer since you get to compete on your own turf. Adriana Noonen considers Bradenton Motorsports Park (BMP) her home track and she’s ready to use that to her advantage during FL2K. Noonen is planning on having a big weekend in the Street Car class behind the wheel of her boosted 1992 Eagle Talon.

The 2019 season has been an interesting one for Noonen and her team in terms of performance at the track. They have dealt with a few issues but kept things moving in a positive direction on the way to some solid performances. This was Noonen’s first year racing all over the East coast and she adjusted well to the new travel, even picking up a few wins. She’s ready to wrap up her year at BMP during FL2K with another trip to the winner’s circle.

Noonen enjoys racing because it allows her to spend time with her family and friends. Her father got her into the sport and has helped her every step of the way to become successful at it.

“I love racing because it’s always changing and never gets boring. There are always new people, new cars, new products coming out, plus there are always events happening. Racing also provides me with the opportunity to meet new people and continually learn new ways I can improve myself, not only as a driver but as a builder. I also love the time I get to spend with my father and boyfriend, Patrick, at the track,” Noonen says.

FL2K is an event that Noonen appreciates attending for a variety of reasons, and just being able to enjoy the event is something she looks forward to each year.

“The race is a little sentimental as FL2K was the first event I ever participated in a few years ago, with my 1998 240SX. Victor, the owner at BMP, actually cares about the event, its racers, spectators, and car show participants. He always asks for feedback on how to make things better and takes it into consideration for changes the following year. Every year the payouts increase, classes get faster, and new classes are added. FL2K is just a lot of fun because of the variety of cars you get to see and race against,” Noonen explains.

With so many top racers coming to FL2K, Noonen knew she had to develop a strategy in advance if she wanted to succeed. Now that the event is drawing near, she’s ready to put her plan into motion and try to climb the mountain to reach victory this weekend.

“Running in the Street Car class, there are going to be a lot of fact cars to contend with. I think if I want a shot at winning my class I’ll have to be on my A-game during eliminations. I will have to be good at the tree, keep my 60-foot times down, and throw a little more at it power-wise,” Noonen says.

You can see Adriana take on the Street Car class at FL2K October 11-13. All of the racing from Bradenton Motorsports Park can be seen live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Motul along with Texas Speed, Driven Racing Oil, Brisk USA, Flying A Motorsports, GForce Performance Engineering, Blow-By-Racing, SPEC Clutches, McLeod Clutches, Monster Clutches, American Racing Headers, and Livernois Motorsports.

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