David Pearson Resets Pro 275 Record With Vortech Power

David Pearson Resets Pro 275 Record With Vortech Power

David “Little Evil” Pearson and his wife, Tracy rolled their new 1993 Mustang into the water box at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) for some Pro 275 racing action during No Mercy 10 and immediately made an impact. Whether the clocks are on or off, the Pearsons have always been fast and they backed that up once again at No Mercy, as Little Evil runnered-up at the event and along the way set the class record with his new machine.

Teddy Houser Race Cars crafted Pearson’s Mustang with the goal in mind of stuffing a big-block under the hood. When it came time to build the engine, Pearson turned to Kevin Dalton at Dalton Race Engines to get the job done. A cast block was used and filled with parts from Wiseco and Total Seal to help make plenty of power. An intake from Thomsen Motorsports and Brodix cylinder heads that have been worked over by RFD finish off the top end of the engine. Tracy tunes the alcohol-fed monster via a Holley Dominator system.

The boost for Pearson’s Mustang comes from a Vortech Superchargers V-131B head unit that’s crank driven. Applying the power from this package to the Mickey Thompson tires is a TH400 from Proformance Transmission and a PTC torque converter. Menscer Motorsports shocks and UPR Products suspension parts were implemented as a part of the suspension package of the Mustang.


According to Pearson, setting the record is a culmination of several different factors that finally came together in the right amount at No Mercy.

“This is the new V-131B head unit, and the intake temperatures stay about 200-degrees cooler with it, overall. I really have nothing bad to say about this blower at all…it’s really a great unit. Tuning this takes a lot of work because of how much torque it makes. You have to really calm it down, especially down low. The torque converter also plays a big role in how we tune it. We finally got a handle on all of that and the results speak for themselves this weekend.”

With a blower that can make this much power, getting it under control early is critical. On the record-setting pass Tracy’s tune-up in the Mustang laid down an impressive .974 60-foot time. To get even more power out of the Vortech blower, Pearson will be working with Thomsen Motorsports on maximizing the potential of the intake manifold. Their plan is to play with the intake runner lengths to help give it more top-end power while not losing anything down low.

Pearson is still working on finding what the car and engine really want. His record pass at No Mercy 10 could have been even quicker if not hampered by a pushrod issue.

“To be honest, that 3.90 pass was the same tune-up as our 3.97 from earlier, the weather was just better. The car was actually down about 4 psi of boost, plus it lost some MPH, and I couldn’t figure out why. Come to find out it had a burnt pushrod, so I changed that and it picked that MPH back up,” Pearson says.

As Pearson continues to chip away at the new combination in his Mustang, you can bet the Pro 275 record won’t be safe. There’s a good chance with some more work Pearson could become the quickest person on a 275 radial tire.

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