Diamond Pistons Gen V 5.3-Liter L83 Forged Pistons

Diamond Pistons Gen V 5.3-Liter L83 Forged Pistons

Diamond Pistons is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the automotive industry and for a good reason. They have been in business for over 50 years, making numerous top-notch products in the racing industry.

One of Diamond Pistons‘ newest products for the LT engine is no exception to the brand’s reputation. The new GM Gen V L83 pistons are machined from forged, 2618 aluminum, and are designed for nitrous, boost, and extremely high-horsepower applications. The GM Gen V L83 piston was made to work with the factory-style direct injection, and features a specialized direct injection bowl on the crown of the piston. The L83 pistons are available in an abundance of compression heights and support longer stroke crankshafts, making the L83’s a perfect choice for your high-horsepower LT application.

The image on the left shows the Direct Injection (DI) bowl on the crown of the piston which aids in the combustion process.

  • Offered in bore sizes 3.780in-3.800in
  • Accommodate 3.622in and 4.00in strokes
  • 3D Milling on piston crowns
  • Offset pins for quiet operation
  • Lateral ports for better ring seal
  • .250in of material above the top ring
  • Premium 1.00/1.2mm/2.8mm ring pack
  • Premium 8620 wrist pins included

For more information on the new L83 pistons and other products, please visit DiamondPistons.net.

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