Full Send! Huston Dial Takes Flight In Dobbs Dragon Corvette

Full Send! Huston Dial Takes Flight In Dobbs Dragon Corvette

Nitrous oxide is known for two things: helping reduce pain for those going through a medical procedure, and adding horsepower to an internal combustion engine. And when you use too much in either situation, a headache could be in your future. Huston Dial found out about the downside of too much nitrous-aided horsepower when he took flight behind the wheel of the Dobbs Dragon Corvette at Darlington Dragway during Carolina N/T Wooostock Fall Brawl.

When racers are using nitrous with big cubic-inch engines on radials, they usually have several kits of it pumping into the engine. The goal is to try and get as much power put down in the first 60 or so feet to help the nitrous combination keep up with its boosted counterparts. The downside to throwing brutal amounts of horsepower down to a set of radial tires on a sticky track quickly are huge wheelstands, as Dial found out.

Spoold Media had a pair of cameras on Dial as he let go of the button inside Dobbs Dragon when the tree dropped, and what happened after that was a surprise to everyone. As the nitrous kits began to fire the giggle juice into the engine, the nose of the Corvette went skyward in a hurry and Dial went from being a driver to a passenger in an instant. All four wheels of the car were off the ground at one point as it sailed through the air before the nose was peeled off and the Corvette slammed back down to the track’s surface violently.

Dial’s repaired Corvette, with a custom, rudimentary paint scheme on the nose commemorating the date of his Darlington flight.

After the unscheduled flight and resulting damage Dial and his team thrashed to repair the wounded car. The hard work paid off for Dial as he was able to not only make the trip to No Mercy 10, but qualify for Radial vs The World in the number 24 spot in the field and pick up a round win.

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