Johnny Pluchino Wins Second Pro Outlaw 632 Title With RJ Race Cars

Johnny Pluchino Wins Second Pro Outlaw 632 Title With RJ Race Cars

Johnny Pluchino put an exclamation point on his Pro Outlaw 632 season at the PDRA World Finals when he locked up his second consecutive series championship. Winning in a class like Pro Outlaw 632 takes more than just horsepower — you need a car that can consistently get down the track, and Pluchino had that all year with his RJ Race Cars-built 2006 Ford Escort.

The majority of cars that compete in Pro Outlaw 632 use an engine combination that incorporates nitrous oxide as a power-adder, however, Pluchino prefers his racecars to be all-motor, and that provides a unique set of challenges. What helped Pluchino overcome these obstacles is having a car that was built to work with an all-motor engine package.

“The car was built to be a Mountain Motor Pro Stock car and it actually set records and did well in that trim. We run a combination that’s very similar to a Mountain Motor Pro Stock car with a five-speed transmission and clutch, so all of the adjustments are the same. It was really just a plug-and-play deal for us with a smaller engine in a well-built car. You know what you’re getting when you buy something from RJ and if you know how to tune the chassis you should be able to run upnfront,” Pluchino says.

Not having the advantage of generating atmosphere via nitrous required Pluchino to maximize what power he has through a chassis that provides more tuning options. According to Pluchino, his RJ Race Cars machine gave him everything he needed to be successful in the class for the past two seasons.

“The chassis really plays a large role in getting the car down the track in a couple of different ways. It provides a big tuning window that allows you to be more consistent and makes sure the car is working properly. That leads to being able to really lean on the car, since its all-motor, to get the best 60-foot times possible. Both of these factors helped make this car work so well and played a part in our back-to-back championships; the car just worked well and stayed consistent all season long.”

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