Jon Capizzi Sets A New LS Stock Bottom End Record

Jon Capizzi Sets A New LS Stock Bottom End Record

The LS engine has always been impressive, but lately, it just keeps getting better. It’s not uncommon to see this small block engine making well north of 1,000 horsepower as seen in our LS VS. Coyote Shootout. While this engine utilized an aftermarket block, crank, rods, and pistons, Jonathan Capizzi did not as he set the stock bottom end record.

Jon operates up north out of Holland, Michigan. The gang decided to make a trip down to Kentucky for the Turkey Bash 2K19 event at Ohio Valley Dragway. While testing his setup on Thursday, Jon and his team managed to reset the stock bottom end (SBE) record for LS Engines with a blistering time of 4.506 at 155.70 MPH in the 1/8-mile.

The notchback Mustang houses a 5.3-liter Gen IV engine pulled from a 2011 Suburban. According to Jon, the short block still employs OEM hardware that manages keep the bottom end together. He did use aftermarket hardware to keep the cylinder heads in place along with the harmonic balancer, but that’s it.

For his record-setting combination, Jon chose to run a Baker Engineering camshaft in conjunction with a set of GM 799 cast heads. The factory heads are not even CNC ported as Jon hand ported the factory castings himself. For a power adder, a massive Garrett Gen 2 88mm turbo was selected to cram copious amounts of air into the engine. A Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold and fuel rails sit on top of the engine as it flows large doses of air and methanol fuel into the combination. The Holley EFI Dominator ECU controls this beast along with several other Holley sensors that keep everything in check.

We want to congratulate Jon and his team on this remarkable accomplishment and hope to see them continue to push the boundaries.


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