Norman Bryson Ready For A Big No Mercy 10

Norman Bryson Ready For A Big No Mercy 10

Championships are won on the track, but to get to that point there’s a lot of preparation required to be in a position to win. Norman Bryson has been working on his program a lot of late, and he’s ready to take that final step to win a big race. When the lights come on the big stage at No Mercy X, Bryson is ready to show what all of his planning is capable of in Radial vs The World.

Over the past season, Bryson has been making big strides with his RVW program, most notably a runner-up finish at the Sweet 16 2.0. That positive result lifted Bryson’s spirts and he decided to get his new car ready for RVW combat.

“I’ve had this 2017 Jerry Bickel Corvette for a while but just never did anything with it. The car is 250 pounds lighter [than the Camaro] so we knew it would help us get down closer to weight. We made the change to the new car and went up to the Shakedown to test it and were very pleased with how it performed,” Bryson says.

Bryson enlisted the help of Anthony Loom from Modern racing and the team at FuelTech to help get the Corvette ready. The car was delivered to Modern Racing nearly complete to have some finishing touches and updates done. After that, it went to FuelTech to spend some on the dyno to get dialed in. At the Shakedown, Bryson ran a 3.72 at 197 MPH during the car’s first full pass and with a soft tune-up.

A race car can only take you so far, though — there needs to be a solid strategy behind how you approach an event. Bryson has learned a lot racing in RVW and he’s ready to use that experience to assist him in picking up his first victory at a Duck X Productions event.

“You have to race smart at these events and have a little bit of luck on your side as well. We are looking to come into this event and just be consistent; we will take our big shot Friday night during qualifying, but besides that we want to get good data. The air won’t be as good at this event as the others but with the technology out there everybody is still going to be fast. I think to win you’ll need to be able to run low 3.60s in all conditions when racing begins,” Bryson says.

Norman Bryson and the rest of the Radial vs The World class are coming to South Georgia Motorsports Park to try and win $50,000 at No Mercy. You can see all the racing action live RIGHT HERE on Speedvideo October 16-20.

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